Saturday, April 7, 2012


Hello everyone! My name is Juan Galindo Benitez. I guess I'll make this first blog about myself. In the future, I'll most likely be blogging about sports, life, video games that I play (I am trying to competitively play League of Legends and Street Fighter x Tekken), and anything else that randomly comes to my head.

First things first, let's all get a chance to know me! I am 22 years old living with my parents in the house that I own. I constantly have to put emphasis on the fact that I own this house because living with parents at this age is frowned upon. I came into a lot of money around 2008 from an inheritance but I spent all of it on college and this house. Had I invested it in the stock market when the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down to about 300 dollars a share, I could very well be a millionaire today in 2012. This is probably one of the only regrets in my life and I will probably never forgive myself for missing out on the "get rich quick" scheme of a lifetime.

Moving on, I am currently studying Network Security at ECPI University in Manassas, Virginia. I honestly haven't learned a single thing from any of the classes. The only reason I'm there is to get my degree and have them pay for my certification exams (although the tuition is a lot more expensive than the cost of the certification exams). On the bright side, I can literally stay in college for the rest of my life thanks to good old Barack Obama! He has made it so the government can literally give anyone can get a free ride through college coming from a low income background. People usually don't believe me when I say I come from that background but I'm certain that our household income is less than 20,000 a year. We do just enough to get by in this world.

On my free time, one of the more interesting things I do is research on technology. I know how to jailbreak an iPhone, I know how to build a computer, I can retrieve WEP keys, and I also know how to pirate software (not that I do it anymore). I spend a lot of time doing mundane research on the most irrelevant of topics just because I feel that someday, I will need to recall that data and be able to in a heartbeat.

I came from a dota background; I played it since 5.84c. The original dota always has and will be my favorite MOBA but I'm unable to play it anymore because my computer likes to disconnect for a split second which will completely drop me from games. When dota 2 was released, I was incredibly stoked and hyped for it but once I actually played it, I put it down within a week. It just felt so...dark. That's honestly the best way to describe it. Also, it currently lacks a lot of the heroes I used to enjoy playing such as guardian wisp, rooftrellen, bristleback, etc. I decided to give LoL a shot when a good friend of mine suggested that it focuses more on my strengths in the genre (lane presence and team fight prioritizing). Dealing with pubs in that game was just a nightmare, especially when you are trying to learn the game yourself.

Currently in LoL, I main the jungle role with an off support role. The aspect of the jungle was so intriguing for me because it simply did not exist in the same way as dota. The jungle allows for virtually 3 solo lanes and this was similar in dota. However, the true reason behind the jungler is to control the objectives. Objectives really do not exist in dota. It was simply gank this lane, kill these towers, sweet we got roshan! In LoL however, there's the blue and red buffs on both sides, the dragon, Baron, and the towers. I love the concept of pulling my team together to complete a major objective in the game.

I'll be honest. Lately I've been giving LoL my undivided attention and I have not been working on fighting games. I haven't spent much time at all since purchasing Street Fighter x Tekken. One of my biggest weaknesses is that I haven't learned a second character yet. My Chun-Li is solid from my experiences with Street Fighter 4 but you just can't win in this game with one good character. However, Evolution Championship Series made a huge announcement that SFxT's main event would be the 2v2 tournament. Although our local tournament scene still has the singles as the main event, I've focused less on that and I'm currently on the hunt for a teammate.

And now for the part of the blog people might actually read: the sports section! When I was growing up, I liked the randomest teams because I had a lot of respect for the players rather than the organizations. I used to root for the Indianapolis Colts (Peyton Manning), the Boston Red Sox (Pedro Martinez), the Sacramento Kings (Chris Webber) and the University of Duke (I had a lot of respect for Mike Krzyzewski). Today however, I've realized there's no better feeling in the world than rooting for your home teams with your fellow peers. Unfortunately I live in the D.C. metropolitan area, so we haven't had a championship since 1992. Every year we start with such optimism yet our dreams come crashing down back to reality as the seasons progress.

I think that about covers me. I'll most likely be posting more about sports than anything else. I might give my two cents on LoL every now and then. I'll also touch on the fighting games if I ever get a chance to pick them back up.


  1. I like personal blogs. Waiting for more content ;)

  2. Could you at some point explain basic rules of football. It will hopefully give you some international audience. I know I will be interested. However if you don't feel like, don't :) All the best for you.

  3. I'll try to cater to a wider audience when I'm talking about unfamiliar sports. I'll be covering just about every major sport in the world. Even unpopular ones in the U.S. like association football and cricket.

  4. I like this blog. You got a new follower :)