Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hockey, baseball, and god forbid, football...

What a day to sit at home and watch sports! Going into the day for the NHL, the Caps need a win and the Panthers need a non-overtime loss for us to clinch the division. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Panthers are going to lose as they lead 3-0 at the time of this post. However, we are THRASHING the Rangers 4-1! Even if we go into the playoffs as a #8 seed, we can definitely hang with the best in the East. Could this finally be the year Washington does well in the playoffs? I honestly don't see it happening but you heard it here: if Washington can beat NY Rangers, expect us in the eastern conference and maybe even the Stanley Cup finals!

BASEBALL! My favorite sport of them all! My favorite month of the year is actually October because of postseason baseball. All of that hard work in 162 games finally comes into fruition. Today, it's game 2 out of 162 for most ball clubs. Washington is looking very promising with their bullpen, shutting the Cubs out of runs for a good 5.1 innings. Clippard did seem to struggle with those long at-bats but he came through with a BIG strike-out to end the inning. Henry Rodriguez, hopefully our up and coming star closer, strikes out the side in the 9th securing the victory and his first save of the year. The Nationals are always so young and full of energy in the months of April and May. We've been able to keep up with the Phillies but they just seem to pull ahead every season. Most major sportscasters such as Peter Gammons or Tim Kurkijan always have nothing but good things to say about the Nationals. Our biggest problem is that we play in one of the toughest divisions in baseball. You heard it here first: I honestly feel this season we have a shot at post-season baseball. Largely because of the 5th team expanded to the post-season.

Now for the rants. This is a football town and even if we win World Series and Stanley Cups, that will never change. I wish I was around for the glory years of the Redskins during the George Allen and Joe Gibbs era. But people, give it a rest! I'm sick of hearing about this garbage with the bounty system in New Orleans. I'm tired of hearing about the unfair salary cap sanctions to the Redskins and Cowboys and how our off-season has been ruined because of the picks traded for the #2 spot in the draft. Can't we all just wait patiently for September to start getting hyped for football? If I can wait through the months of October (after witnessing one of the greatest World Series of all time in 2011) all the way until today, then you football freaks should do the same.

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